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Everlast Boxer $39.95
Athenian Goddess $26.95
Deluxe Edward Scissorhands $199.95
Everlast Boxer Chick $36.95
Disco Diva $24.95
Deluxe Gorilla $99.95
Sexy Cop $39.95
Discolicious $39.95
Big Bad Wolf $99.95
Convict Chick $24.95
Disco Dolly $24.95
Centurion $64.95
Fashion Nurse $16.95
50's Hop Costume $29.95
Buccaneer Man $24.95
Sexy Nurse $39.95
Alice In Wonderland $29.95
Cutthroat Pirate $34.95
Head Nurse-$39.95
Disco Diva $29.95
Doctor Scrubs $19.95
Swashbuckling Babe $49.95
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New Costumes for Halloween and Beyond...

We have a wide variety of costumes and accessories that are not listed on our website. Please call to ask about anything you may want.
541-776-5818 or
All orders are taken from stock on hand, please call or e-mail us to be sure to get the correct costume, size, color, etc. 
or if you just have a question!



Swashbuckling Babe. Includes cut-away dress with fancy Bodice decoration. Really Sweet! $49.95
Doctor Scrubs includes top, bottom, stethoscope, and hat. Perfect for playing doctor! $19.95
Disco Diva- One piece bell bottom w/halter top $29.95
Head nurse- deluxe hot & sexy nurses uniform includes stockings! $39.95
Cutthroat Pirate- incl. head wrap, boot covers, belt and cuffs. arrrg! $34.95
Alice in Wonderland- simple but well designed and affordable! $29.95
Sexy Nurse-Includes mini-dress and stethoscope $39.95
Bucaneer man- includes v-neck top, belt and pants $24.95
50's Hop Costume-  Velour top, poodle skirt and scarf $39.95
Fashion Nurse- comes with dress and stethoscope $39.95
Centurion- includes  tunic, cape, guards and helmet $64.95
Disco Dolly- comes with sequin dress and head wrap $24.95
Convict Chick- comes with black and white striped dress and hat $24.95
Big Bad Wolf- Deluxe full body mascot style costume $99.95
Discolicious-  includes top with bell sleeves, split bell bottom and scarf $39.95
sexy cop- one piece zipper front dress w/cuffs and tie $39.95
 Deluxe Gorilla- Deluxe full body mascot style costume $99.95
Disco Diva- sexy sequin dress and head wrap! $24.95
Boxer Chick- Everlast Boxer in pink! Includes robe, top, hot pants  and gloves $36.95
An amazing deluxe Edward Scissorhands. Complete! Has EVERYTHING! $199.95
Athenian Goddess- comes with crushed velvet dress and headpiece only $26.95
Male Everlast Boxer- Comes with Robe, shorts, and gloves $39.95
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